I was told to never be afraid to fly...Now I don't want to come down...

This is me. A glimpse into the day to day events, thoughts, and moments that equate to who I am. This is a portion of my journey. I invite you to join me.

But there is nothing for us on the ground. Meet me in the sky...

How We Have Learned To Love | Gage Wallace

Lianne Le Havas | Twice

Patrick Roche | Siri : A Coping Mechanism

Al B Sure | Jungle

Constellations | 2014 | Justin T. McCain
Justin McCain | Poor | 2014
On helping friends discover self worth 

Justin McCain


oops :) left a few out (of my favorite selections from ‘nejma’)

- xoxo nayyirah

One of my favorite authors.  I want to pick their brain one day as I prepare the release of my first title.  The honesty and slices of words in these lines are amazing.

A Moment In Vulnerablity | Justin McCain Poetry

Friends | Ed Sheeran

Will Evans | Sickle

Rustbelt 2014

Andre 3000 | Sixteen 

Boston | Augustana 

"Think I’ll go to Boston, think I’ll start a new life, think I’ll start it over.  Where no one knows my name"

Yuna | Someone Out Of Town