I was told to never be afraid to fly...Now I don't want to come down...

This is me. A glimpse into the day to day events, thoughts, and moments that equate to who I am. This is a portion of my journey. I invite you to join me.

But there is nothing for us on the ground. Meet me in the sky...

23/30 we all have our own demons

Do not avoid them,
As if they don’t exist.
As if they don’t roam the earth
After losing dominion everywhere else.
Do not ignore them.
Like so many did before
Ending things.
Releasing over parking garages or
Slicing arteries as if
Swiss cheese.
When they whisper to you.
Do not tell the world that it is all okay,
Or you’ll be alright ,
Humans were not built to be islands that way.
Your demons may have been assigned to you
(Just as angels were),
You are not confined to them.
They do not have to be the end of you
The cut that ends.
The pill that makes spirits fade.
The tear drop that no flesh or bone would ever see.
Do not put tattooed smiles
Over bagged eyes that cannot sleep at 3am
No one ever said you were alone.

Humans are not meant to live
That way.

“If I were on the highest cliff, on the highest riff /
And if you slipped off the side and clinched on to your life
In my grip/ I would never ever let you down”

—   J.Ivy | Never Let Me Down | Kanye West | The College Dropout

Justin McCain Poetry

Malik Yusef | By Your Side

What You Made Me | Malik Yusef

Too Late | Iman Omari

And You Don’t Stop | Nameless

This mashup made my entire morning.

21/30 wanderlust

So often we fly;
Run away from the places in which
We came from,
In search of new pillows to call home.
Never realizing that no matter how hard you try
There is truly no place remotely like it.

Mile marker 0.

Safety and memory.
Mothers cooking and
Grandmothers lessons.
The backyard your brothers held daily basketball tournaments on as if

Make time within one life to
Create new memory on new plateau.

Just always remember to fly back home.
The first one.

“art is giving yourself permission to translate life. exactly the way you feel. see. and hear it. be the artist you are. give yourself permission to speak your own language.”

—   nayyirah waheed (via nayyirahwaheed)




Soul paintings by Thomas Saliot

I want these on my wall. Now.

Want is an understatement…NEED is more appropriate

(via nativebornbeauty)

19/30 Saying “Oh Well” instead of “What If”

For the nights you were much too tipsy to adequately calculate your steps.
And acquaintances became friends over meetings with porcelain gods.
When you spilled your heart to one of the two crushes you’ve had in life,
Panicked over the fact when you become sober,
When you learned to just roll with the punches
(So to speak).

When you go home for winter break,
Realize you are not the same as when you left,
Or When you see the friends who came home aren’t all as close as they used to be.

When you take spring break road trips,
Splurge entirely too much money;
Instagram becomes your temporary residence,
When you take the selfie you swore you’d never have of yourself.

When you join the fraternity/sorority,
Everyone swears you changed for.
When you just want to have your own version of happiness.

When you pray to receive a spouse with certain looks and
tendencies and receive all of them,
(Reminding you what you forgot to ask for)
When you learn what to ask God for.
When you thank Him for the things you didn’t get when you prayed for them.

When you realize you are mature enough to handle what you’ll receive this time around.

When you try again now that you’re experienced.

17/30 Thoughts On Mr. Shakur


I met you in 1999 in front of television Screen.

You were minister,

And preaching

And thug life tattoos and

“Change the world” please,

And love mixed with troublesome hell fire

Years after your ashes drifted to sea.


Your following knew 0 bounds.

Us 9 year olds, knew little of you

Except what we saw on the news

You were legend before we could

Properly create times tables,


Yet our parents loved you,

Spewing every word before your thoughts entered cranium,

This was your gift,

And curse,

Your hearse promised to you well before we ever met one another via LCD.



Did you ever feel swallowed up by coasts?

By expectation,

By the same body of water you were carried away on.

How did you know,

To record with no beat /

Countless evenings and album creations

With no sound,

Just so we could argue how

You never really left

(We often joked that you were on an island waiting to come back /

To stage the best return concert human eyes could see /

I was still waiting for it at the 10th anniversary

Of your shooting).



You are quite possibly the only rapper who could

Wear a nose ring and still be loved with it.



Did Brenda’s baby ever grow up?

Did she become revolutionary?

With Afro puff, black hat and

Black Panther chants,

Did she become knowledgeable on rape culture?

Or attempt to be better than her mother,

Or did she succumb to similar circumstances?




Like B.I.G.

An entire country would love you unconditionally,

I would spend my youth wondering why it would take


And pistol clips for this is occur.


And even though Life Goes On,

And we learned from you that Only God Can Judge Us,


All Eyez Are Still on  you,

When we ask

What are legends made out of.

David Sides | Buy You A Drink (Cover)

She Lives In The Water | Kreative Pandemonium feat. Corey Black