I was told to never be afraid to fly...Now I don't want to come down...

This is me. A glimpse into the day to day events, thoughts, and moments that equate to who I am. This is a portion of my journey. I invite you to join me.

But there is nothing for us on the ground. Meet me in the sky...

#TBT photo shoots at the BSU.circa spring 2012

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*A POET PHASE & COLLEGE DAYS* November 1st 2014
#ICYMI I am humbled at the amount of support I’ve gotten since the announcement of my first book of poetry. Beyond excited to share this part of my life with you all! 

Justin McCain Poetry Presents:

NOVEMBER1st 2014

Available in paperback, Ebook (kindle,nook,iBook, etc) and PDF

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After months of preparation, I am proud to say I am officially a published author. 1 book down.

Justin McCain Poetry proudly presents : “A Poet Phase & College Days” 

Available for purchase in paperback , Ebook (kindle, nook, etc.) and PDF on NOVEMBER 1st 2014!

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Michael Lee | Shelters 

These Streets, Abandoned | Freeman Word

Freeman Word | The Boy Who Cried Nigger

"I trust my feet over you"

Rudy Francisco | A Lot Like You.

Rudy Francisco | Complainers

NPS 2014



“…and i drink a little too much,
it makes me nervous,
i’ve got my grandfather’s blood.
…and i take a little too much,
without giving back,
if blessed are the meek,
then i’m cursed.”


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Morir Soñando - Aja Monet

This is why I love Aja Monet, and why I look up to her work.


This installment of Morir Soñando is of the young luminary Aja Monet. At the ripe age of 19, she was the youngest individual slam winner out of the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe. We were given the privilege of talking with a woman who is beyond a wordsmith. She is a visionary, a scholar, and a person who embodies her mission everyday- to sustain her art full time.

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"And I will try, to fix you"

Still in the top 25 playlist

ColdPlay | Fix You


Justin McCain Poetry : Young Black Males - Beaten & Bruised

#Ferguson #MIkeBrown #Youth #BlackAmerica

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